Creating a Panorama

Came across this little application on twitter. It’s called Clevr and it stitches your photos together to create a panorama. It’s free to register and then you need to download the Stitcher and then you can upload your photos to stitch together. Here is my first attempt with some autumn leaves. Voila. Would like to have another try with photos taken specifically for the purpose.

A Tricky Maths Game

I’ve just been trying out a maths game called Adders. It took a while to figure out how to play as the instructions didn’t appear on the site straight away. Once I found them, I had to drag the snake using the arrow keys, into the answer to the equation below the number window. I think I need more practice.

Free Poverty

‘See how many cups of water you can donate by testing your knowledge about the world. Each correct answer means we will be donating 10 cups on your behalf. Good luck!

Free Poverty
is a game site that tests your knowledge of where places are in the world. It’s fun and good use for all that trivia we have stored away. There are 3 levels to progress through and at each level the time gets shorter to find places on the map, such as Innsbruck, Austria and Mount Fuji, Japan. the closer you are, the more cups of water you score. So far I have donated 1485 cups of water and I’ll be going back for more.

A Start to Animations

One of the classes in my cluster has been exploring myths and legends and using this as a theme for creating animations. The students started with a storyboard and made their characters with modeling clay. They painted backgrounds and took a lot of photos with each group member having a role to play. They used Movie Maker to create their animations

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Choosing breakouts for ULearn

It’s the eve of the day where we get to select our breakouts for ULearn 09. There’s always great excitement when we can view the breakouts and start choosing which ones we would like to attend. Conversation on  twitter has been humming. The problem is there are often several good sessions within one breakout and we can only choose one. Those of us that are presenting have less to choose from. With 1700 delegates it can be bit of a mission to get on site and be lucky enough to get our first choices. Last year the server crashed as everyone tried to get on at once. Hope this year is better. It all goes to building excitement as the conference gets closer, a highlight on the ICTPD calendar. Imagine 1700 teachers giving up part of their holidays to attend a conference that promises to be inspiring, innovative, full of new strategies and ideas, and best of all fun.  A great  place to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. Can’t wait!

When Will Schools grow up?

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Professor Stephen Heppell discusses the change from factory schools to schools which will cater to the needs of the 21st century. He believes that ten years from now our schools will have grown up and become a place where learning is as much a part of your life as health is. Schools are creating a lost generation and my problem is my youngest son is one of these children. What will become of him and by extension all students if schools are not taking responsibility to educate these students for their future? Teachers are (or are not) adopting new technologies in a variety of ways and there are many analogies to explain where they are at.

My friend and colleague explains her view of the types of  teachers involved in change  in her post Hanging about in Whine Bars.

As I read this, it was easy to identify changes in my teaching along my journey to today and beyond. Maybe we weave in and out depending on the technologies and our circumstances at the time. Where are you on your journey and how do we encourage our colleagues towards teaching for the 21st century?

So what needs to change for the 21st century? Taking a measure of ICT Integration talks about three factors, resources, skills and curriculum needed for effective change. While we aware of the characteristics of 21st C learners what skills do our 21st C teachers need. In a related post, 21st C Teachers, says teachers need to have many characteristics for today’s students and need to be learners as well as now about learning.

To ensure effective change in our schools, we need to ensure that all the factors are in place. Where does your school fit and how do we encourage our colleagues to meet the needs of their students? What is the difference you are making?


We all love our mums and we love being a mum. But remember when we were growing up and we listened to our mothers going on and on. We all said I’m never going to say that to my children. Well, I did anyway. Now, I hear myself saying those same words. If this sounds like you, you might enjoy this video called Mum’s Song, everything a mum says in a day, sung in two minutes to the William tell Overture by Anita Renfroe.

Day 1 Comment Challenge


This is going to be a steep learning curve for me. It will also make me pay attention to my blog and post more often. I have a real collection of drafts that need more thought and work.

Question 1. How often do I respond to other blogs? Well, it was part of my New Year’s resolution to comment on blogs and respond more to twitter and stop lurking. So in a week I try to comment on 2 other blogs. No I haven’t tracked my comments before. Sometimes I click in the box that sends you follow up comments. I commented on one of Will Richardson’s posts and got so many follow up comments it was hard to keep up but it was great conversation and I learnt a lot. I don’t always comment on the same blogs. I usually follow twitter links and comment on those that interest me.

Gina Trapani’s Guide to Blog Comments

I do try to stay on the topic. Quite often I find others have made many relevant and pertinent comments and I can’t think of anything to add. Maybe that’s what I need to improve on.

OK Here goes. Let the fun begin